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   he Fuchsias

Are an instrumental project created by Bobby Fage and Stephen Ingham in Brighton, England in 2018. An ambient alternative rock outfit of guitars, layered rhythms and shimmering ambient noise contrasting the dark and the light, treading the unusual balance of hypnotic and unpredictable at the same time.

The atmospheric width of The Fuchsias could be attributed to Fage’s partiality for minimalist ambience, processed found sound material and modular guitar experimentation. From the heady heights of peaking crescendos to the calm ethereal spaces, The Fuchsias sound is filmic, emotive and expansive and  summons warm nods to alternative music from the 80’s and 90’s.

Bobby Fage and Steve Ingham first met in 2003 when a mutual friend brought them together for some improvised experimental ambient gigs at the Prince Albert and what was once the old Freebutt in Brighton: Ingham was playing tabla and percussion through a warped desk, Fage playing ethereal distortion on guitar. Steve went on to record and tour with Dark Horses and Holy Magick for a decade among other projects. Fage studied Music and Visual Art degree in Brighton and then undertook a Masters in Composing for Film in Kingston, having released material under various monikers: The Challenge and The Report to Sorsha on the now defunked Soundseasymusic label on the album ’Towards Nova Zembla’ in 2005, he began to employ more experimental methods in his subsequent work inspired by the use of music concrete and processing of organic sound recordings.

Eight of Fage's compositions were created for the installation pieces ‘Recall’ and ‘Treasure Island’ (2009) in Portsmouth and Romney, UK and ‘Mysteres des Memoires’ (2010) in the Midi Pyrenees, France by visual artist Seran Kubisa.

Fage and Ingham were reunited in 2018 and with extra synthesisers and mixing by Bob Earland (credits including Roots Manuva, Wiley, Kate Tempest)

- The Fuchsias debut EP ‘Isle’ was released in January 2023.

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